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Orders are created when a user performs a checkout process, regardless of status, these payment intentions or completed payments will be reflected in this section.

To enter this section, go to the Orders menu option. Here you will find a list with the registered orders ordered by descending date, by default you will see the following information in the list:

  • Date/Hour

  • Amount

  • Order ID

  • Payment ID

  • Provider

  • Status

  • Refund

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Order statuses

An order has a status associated with it, starting with "Created" and in the best scenario ending with "Completed". The following order statuses are used:

  • Created

  • Completed

  • Failed

  • Canceled

  • Expired

  • Partially paid

  • Processing payment

  • Action required

  • Patially refunded

  • Refunded

Order filtering

You can filter the list of orders based on the criteria that we make available to you:

  • Order ID

  • Customer email

  • Currency

  • Status

  • Date

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Order Information

To view the detail of an order, you must click on the order of interest in the list. The order detail screen is divided into 4 main sections:

  • Order details

  • Timeline

  • Payment breakdown

  • Customer information

  • Products

  • Metadata

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Refunding an order

If you need to refund the payment of an order, you can do this from the order list or from the detail of an order.

To make this from the order list, look for the action button under the "Refund" column.

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You can also make the refund from the order detail, there you will find the "Apply refund" button in the "Order details" section.

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To finish the refund process, a confirmation dialog will be displayed where you must enter a reason for the refund.

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