• 17 Jun 2024
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In order to add providers to your orchestration flows, you first need to configure them.

Enter the OrkestaPay portal and go to the Providers section, the main screen will show a list of configured providers.

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Add a new provider

To add a new provider, click on the Add Provider button and a new screen will open for all the providers supported by OrkestaPay.

If you need to search for a provider, you can do it by name, or by filtering by category

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Configure Provider

When you find the provider from the list of providers, click on it and then a new screen will open with a specific form for that provider that will contain the necessary fields for its correct operation

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Configured Providers

In the list of your configured providers you will be able to edit or delete any provider. If you have a provider configured in an orchestration route, you won't be able to delete it.

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